Dear Customers & Shareholders,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are finally out in the market after having fulfilled all the criteria set out for the Life Insurance business. For this, I would like to personally thank Beema Samiti, the statutory body for their kind cooperation, our promoters for the support and the employees for relentless efforts.

As a new entrant in the business, we have set out our clear strategy to penetrate the market. Foremost, we have built a team of diverse and skilled human resource with significant experience in the related sector. The team is all geared up and motivated to perform by taking the ownership. The practice of good governance is of vital importance to us and will ensure to have it in practice. We believe in feel good factor for all to garner growth and productivity.

We have realized potentiality of the market and areas to explore in our endeavors. Thus, to suit and tap the market, we will introduce innovative products, make use of modern technology, carry out digitalized marketing and make our wide presence to be accessible everywhere. Simultaneously, we will consciously and wisely diversify our investment to generate safer and higher return. In with strong network and support, we feel the advantage in doing business.

Meanwhile, we have not overlooked the fact that there lies huge challenge before us. We are ready to face and transform it into an opportunity. Keeping the vision and mission of our existence, we hope to serve the customers and secure their life by offering exclusive policy with attractive returns.

Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders for their trust. It is this key factor, which has given me the confidence to move ahead and take the challenge. We know the journey has just begun and there is long distance to cover but we are certain of reaching the destination.

Looking forward to your cooperation and serving with utmost benefits.


Narayan Babu Lohani
Chief Executive Officer