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Reliable Greetings to all !

At the foremost, I would like to express my heartiest thank to the regulators, shareholders, customers and employees for their invaluable support and effort. My sincere gratitude to Beema Samiti, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Nepal for their guidance and kind cooperation. I am also indebted to the Chairman and Board of Directors for having trust in me and extending their guardianship as always. Indeed, I feel privileged to be re-appointed for the second tenure. My sincere gratefulness to all of them.

Needless to mention the present times, where the whole world is facing an unprecedented health crisis due to coronavirus pandemic but humans have started to live by it. Nevertheless, it is important for us to reflect on the past performance and focus on the future. I must say, we are proud of what we have achieved together, and take this opportunity to share some key indicators as we move forward in our journey.

We started small and began with humble background. Having completed 4 years of operation, the company has evolved and built a full-fledged team in large number to serve people in every corner of the country. We are growing bigger and stronger, and has proved ourselves to be a prominent market player in the insurance industry. We have been successful in creating a brand of its kind and thereby being recognized in the market as a professional company, which drives its business through knowledge, expertise, dedication and customer focused service.

All our fundamental parameters are good and financially stable. Further, I am delighted to reveal that we have been selling the largest number of policies, and made highest claim settlement amounting Rs. 4 crores. The ratio of our claim settlement stands at around 99.99{a117a42559c370b79410f564a7d737052897296775fc4b4ff27fee9cdf87ba46}, which itself reflects the level of our service and customer satisfaction. This has been achievable predominantly with the support of more than ten thousand agency force who are actively associated with us, and of course, the relentless efforts of the employees. They all deserves to be applauded.

The task ahead is quite daunting, given the prevailing situation and ever increasing competition in the overall market. Whatsoever, we will continuously strive to improve the performance for achieving our goals. We will strategically plan our approach in order to meet and adjust to the changing business environment with core focus on sustainable growth.

At this point, we know that our first priority is to stay safe and healthy. For us, both are equally important, that is safety and well-being of the employees and sustainability of the business. I know and we all know it has not been an easy journey, but it has been fulfilling. We ended the last business year on a high note despite the adverse conditions. Now, we all look forward to the best in coming days.

I sincerely hope that all our stakeholders will continue granting us their long-term support and encouragement. From us, we will work even harder and push forward vigorously to realize the vision.

Thank you,

Narayan B. Lohani

Chief Executive Officer