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Dear All,

Hearty Congratulations!

It is my privilege to be associated with the company on its 4th Anniversary.  On this occasion, I would like to extend my heartfelt felicitations to the board members, shareholders, employees and customers. My gratitude to the past Chairman, Mr. Raju Siwakoti and CEO, Mr. Narayan Lohani for laying down the foundation in early stages. It has really been gratifying to have taken over chairmanship of the company, which has progressed and achieved so much in the short span of time.

Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has come as a threat for us and to the whole of humanity. It has not only endangered the human lives but also crippled the global economy. Despite all odds, we have integrated an updated action plan and managed to cope with in our forward journey. Further, we will continuously and tirelessly work in our offices or at home, wherever possible to serve our customers and other stakeholders.

What matters most is what we do next. In the time ahead, Reliable Life has the opportunity to grow by making its presence through expansion of business. The management team will surely be having a clear strategy in place to be accessible for convenience of everyone. I am confident and have complete faith in the abled leadership of our CEO and his team.

In the end, please allow me to thank the regulatory body and all stakeholders for their active roles in shaping our future. I am thankful to the board members for their active participation, healthy discussion and mostly coming out to a unanimous decision on vital agendas. Meanwhile, I am appreciative of the employees for commendable performance even in the face of adversity. To all our customers and friends, thank you so much for trusting us.

We all are here and sharing this moment sheer through team work and dedication. Each one of you have contributed in carrying the company thus far in this position. It shouldn’t stop, as we have miles to travel and accomplish our mission.

Let’s keep up the good work…

Best wishes,


Udaya Nepali Shrestha