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Welcome to the site of Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Limited www.reliablelife.com.np. Reliable Nepal Life Insurance limited keeps your data safe and protected while you visit us. Our privacy policy describes all the information regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information we accept from you. Reliable Nepal Life Insurance has got the right to change the policy service regarding anything at any time on application and website without any advance notice. This privacy policy covers the information regarding how we collect the data, information and how we share your data among others. It covers all the policies which are made by the Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Limited.

How can you ask questions regarding the online privacy policy?

  • You can simply mail us at privacy@reliablelife.com.np
  • Further more you can visit us at head office or any nearby branches. You can view the location map on our websites.
    • Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu
    • Phone Number: 01-4423618   01-4423630

What kind of precaution do we take to shield your personal information?

Different security methodology is followed to safeguard your information timely and repeatedly with the innovative ideas and updated technological methods.  SSL certificate is implemented on the website and API’s methods. We use encryption technique to protect your data while you submit any information in our website. We do not share the information to any third parties as well.

How do we collect information and how we use it?

We do collect the information like name, location, gender, age, telephone number, billing address, bank account number, policy number, credit card number from website. We don’t disclose the information of yours to any third parties. Mostly we collect the information from the website while you chat with us in ( talk.to ) IP address is shown which helps us to track your location and cache and cookies are saved which helps to review the messages that has been shared between us. We collect the information of yours when you visit our website, when you request any customer or technical support while chatting with our support representative, participate on any Reliable Nepal Life Insurance survey, programs; when you ask any information regarding our company, rules and regulations, regarding bonus, incentives, products and services. We use the information for the following reasons like as: to provide the marketing materials which helps to increase the productivity of organization as well as yours, to provide update regarding the incentives, to provide the information regarding the products and policies timely and repeatedly. We do organize many programs in social networking sites and the winners are declared in our website. So we do sometime announce the name of the winner during these occasions.