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Reliable Micro Endowment Plan is life insurance plan which is mainly targeted at the micro insurance segment which offers the policyholder a combination of protection as well as savings. This policy can be purchased for an adult. It can be purchased for a fixed period of time by paying the regular installment premium on yearly/half yearly/quarterly/monthly basis.

Minimum Insured Amount : Nrs. 10,000
Maximum Insured Amount : Nrs. 100,000
Minimum Age at Entry : 18 year (Last Birthday)
Maximum Age at Entry : 65 years (Last Birthday)
Policy Term : 5 to 25 years

Death Benefit:
On death of policy holder during policy term Insured Amount plus accrued bonus will be paid to the nominee/beneficiary

Maturity Benefit:
On maturity policy holder receives Insured Amount plus accrued bonus on maturity.

Optional Benefits:

Additional benefits are available from the age of 18 years.

Accidental Death Benefit : In case of death of the policy holder during the term of the policy due to accident the nominee gets Insured amount plus accidental death benefit amount plus accrued bonus.

Permanent Total Disability Benefit : If a policy holder becomes permanently disable due to accident or sickness then the policy holder will received a sum equal to the Insured amount and policy will remain continue till maturity by paying the premium by the policy holder. On maturity policy holder will again receive the insured amount plus bonus.

Premium Waiver Benefit : If a policy holder becomes permanently disable due to accident or sickness then all the future premium will be waived. On maturity the policy holder will receive the Insured amount plus accrued bonus without paying any installment from the date of disability.

First Policy Issue Date : 2075-05-04

Bonus Rate